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Fundamental Checkmates

Most pleased to learn that my book FUNDAMENTAL CHECKMATES is among the finalists of the BCF (British Chess Federation) reward for the Best Book of the Year. I warmly thank my friend, Club fellow and translator of the book, Phil Adams for the news.

I’m also happy to read that the book is «a most addictive read». Thanks to the reviewers.

Antonio Gude pp382 £19.99

Gude is an extremely experienced Spanish writer and teacher. This book, well translated from the Spanish by Phil Adams, is a comprehensive course on chess mates.  There are numerous books on chess tactics/mates, so what makes this book stand out? The writing is entertaining, the tuition excellent, the numerous examples (including all possible combinations of piece and pawn mates) are mostly unknown and above all illustrate the endless variety of chess. In consequence, once picked up the book is most difficult to put down – a good test!


The other three books are

Chess for Life
Matthew Sadler, Natasha Regan pp222 Gambit £15.99

Ignaz Kolisch – The Life and Chess Career
Fabrizio Zavatarelli pp382 McFarland £

Vladimir Tukmakov Risk and Bluff in Chess


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